Synergy group was founded in 1995 and has been striving to enhance global markets through knowledge, network and innovation. The company operates in multiple markets and communities focusing on commercial real estate. Synergy specializes in development, enhancement, marketing and management of retail centers in Israel and U.S. Profound experience in creating disruptive market changing outdoor malls. Key factors such as differentiation and competitive advantage play a role during the marketing period and over the fruit bearing of the centers. Synergy’s collaborations with global retail chains provide a substantial advantage thus creating long term successful prospering developments. Synergy providing an extensive global footprint and corresponding infrastructure, this global real estate development company has been – investing, developing, building and managing real estate throughout the US and Israel, providing value to its investors while revitalizing communities.

Since inception, Synergy has built more than two thousand single and multi-family residential units and more than one million square feet of retail and office space.



“We create disruptive retail development! we create the center of town!” We create places with a business ecosystem. Places that are beautiful, safe, and exciting. Shopping centers where friends and families can live, gather, shop, dine and enjoy quality time together. Building a stronger community is at the core of our beliefs and our projects possess that quality. Creating regional centers with advanced concepts that create differentiation and competitive advantage throughout the marketing period and during Israel’s bearing fruit. We are committed to a highest quality. Our target is to bring our tenants in to success and our guests enjoy the highest level of service and satisfaction. It’s an approach that provides an extraordinary experience. We promote our properties to become central gathering places for their community. We believe in powering and strengthening the bonds between guests and their physical surroundings. We believe on having fun, safe and welcoming environment. With luxurious landscaping and architectural styling, live entertainment and events and a top-tier selection of national retailers as well as local services, each destination has a distinctive personality.

  • Focus on customer’s experience/needs
  • Localization – price – product -place
  • Differentiation – VAT
  • A high level only standard construction
  • Support the project by leading field’s professionals
  • Creating Ecosystem Retail – Customer Relationship

Synergy’s business model

To Initiates transaction once every two years while maintaining location, scope and concept in order to generate accurate commercial centers that meet market needs:

  • Purchase of land in a potential strategic location
  • Planning compound in accordance with concept and marketing mix
  • Domain establishment and marketing of high occupancy rates
  • Complex yield asset holding company portfolio

Our clients are our partners!

At Synergy we believe that knowing local markets is the key to success. We also need to understand our clients’ requirements in order to design investment strategies and devise asset allocations that meet their objectives. At Synergy, clients come first and we use our fiduciary experience to deliver competitive performance.