SOHO center, Netanya

Project Scope $80m. SOHO center will be the first LIFE-STYLE&DESIGN center in israel. SOHO will be built in the middle of Israel’s design city and center. SOHO is a brand new concept brought to ISRAEL by “ELECTRA REAL ESTATE” & “Synergy Group”. The first out of 3 SOHO centers to be opened in ISRAEL is at POLEG, NETANYA.

SOHO is designed to serve 30,000 visitors a day, and will provide its consumers a whole experience, starting from having a nice breakfast, offices lunch-time, dinning and most importantly furnish home interior completely .

SOHO center rises to a height of eight floors, and it is the highest building in POLEG area. It has 4 commercial floors and another 4 office floors. SOHO’s ground floor will be the main attraction at POLEG, brings the LIFE-STYLE from TEL-AVIV to POLEG.

All the great restaurants & coffee-shops from TEL-AVIV will be available to the citizens of “HA’SHARON” area & all 10,000 a day IKEA shoppers .