The Village

logoFor years, local market has been evolving within traditional guidelines resulting in classical malls and power centers to serve local needs. Recent changes in customer preferences and growing awareness to healthy lifestyle have brought a true need for Retail centers and chains who can fulfill new demands.
The Village is a complex of entertainment attractions and culinary combines different shopping experience. A lifestyle and entertainment center will be open 24/7 in an exotic location on major roads in the north of Israel. Place combines east with west (with domestic look and feel) and gives a complete family experience for all ages
The complex will incorporate cinemas, fitness center, karaoke hall events, restaurants, waterfall Piazzas, sporting attractions for all ages and food market one of the leading and well-known chefs in Israel , Haim Cohen.

Target market:
The Location at the Village will be a center of

  • Travelers departing towards north
  • Athletes starting cycling routes
  • Travelers from the costal beach
  • Local visitors
  • Daily basis Attractions – Market, GYM, Services, Grocery store, Theater etc.

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