Synergy Innovations

Synergy Innovations (SI) is a global platform for entrepreneurs and Israeli companies. SI provides professional support in every step of the process from business strategy to financing and helping accelerate and compete in the global marketplace. SI provides platforms that breaks down barriers and enables connections around the world.  

The Team

Synergy Innovations (SI) is headed by Noga Petel. Noga holds a Master of Law in Bar Ian University, an Academy Directors in TLV University and a BA in the College of management. Noga is a business strategist with 20 years of experience in the B2B and enterprise markets, leading multilayered projects from inception to execution and from initial revenues to large scale turnover. Was part of a team who create the third cellular operator, orange, in Israel and led the product marketing department. Prior to orange, Noga was part of the sales and marketing team of Intel Semiconductors. 

As a strategic thinker, well-versed in technology, precise in execution, driven by data and gifted in building and maintaining relationships, Noga puts her efforts in helping Israeli companies open doors and deal closure abroad. She builds bridges between innovative Israeli companies and global leading organizations.

The Eureka moment: The most exciting moment is analyzing, playing, reading, feeling and exploring brilliant ideas. We can have any Tech businesses across software/mobile/internet/media, but we’re open to innovative ideas and businesses in related areas as well. The main thing is to demonstrate a big potential.

As a Services:

Building strategic partnerships

  • Working with your executive team to deeply understand the company’s offering and roadmap
  • Identifying the company’s need
  • Targeting the relevant market and creating the market overview
  • Growing the user base/revenue through 3rd party integrations
  • Maintaining and strengthening a relationship with your partner bases

Sales and distribution

  • Consultation on a business plan, 4P’s, team and financials
  • Creating and maintaining a strong business relation
  • Representing the company and its offering at sales meetings and events
  • Providing feedback from partners regarding the company’s offering
  • Raising brand awareness in the market

The door is open – A team of dedicated people will help to build your business. meet the right people or just have a friendly ear to bounce off ideas.